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Half Way UP!
The Team
August 22 2011

WE ARE HALF WAY UP THE CANNING STOCK ROUTE Yeah, but still with 2000k's to go in total

We blew too tyres on the postie bikes today, and that is the first time we have had an issue with them that we couldn’t fix with duct tape. Because if it moves and it shouldn't-duct tape it. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD 40.

We have rims that are looking more like hexagons with each day.

We have arrived in Kunawarritji Community and have been welcomed by our hosts Graeme and Joy Burfood who have graciously put us all up for the night.

Having a shower is wonderful. But we all might need at least a dozen showers to get the red dust out of everything.

Absolutely stuffed after a bone crunching ride over the worst corrugations I have ever experienced. We broke a helmet cam today, it simply vibrated off. The radios supplied by AA radios have been a great way to keep in touch as everyone gets separated during the late afternoons

Red- who has had his licence for three weeks is going great. Plenty of stacks

Boony- had a couple of big stacks yesterday, one into my foot.

Chappy- even with his experience has had to push bikes up sand dunes

Cavie- has been over the handle bars at least a couple times.

All in great spirits, even if in some pain from various strains and aches, after being bruised and battered.

I thought I saw an emu today, but i guess it wasn't. It flew away.

The riders aren't seeing as much of the landscape and our support team as we are too busy concentrating on the road.

Lamb shanks for dinner tonight. Trev the master chef is doing awesome.

Lindy just keeps stirring everyone up, and is always assisted by Chambo.

Dave is jumping into everything to keep in all on track now that he has resurfaced Patto is making sure the Broos' are cold.

Jordo and Thomas are filming their bottoms off and still wondering how they got into this. Muzz is keeping everything on track, and has been seen jogging in the morning wearing a bluey singlet, with work boots in his jocks and holding a bunch of wild flowers - don't ask.

And then then more bone crunching corrugations all day tomorrow, until we hit the biggest sands dune on the route in a couple of days.

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“Red” works in IT support for the utility industry.....
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