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Day 10
Cave Man
August 23 2011

We had a separated camp last night after a few mechanical problems and a little bit of frustration creeping in to all the boys due to fatigue. The morning bought cohesion, after a bit of venting as blokes do, and everyone has moved on and got on with "The Business" - ala Trev the masterchef and one of his favourite sayings.

We had a couple flat tyres cause Chappy didn't sort the puncture out the first time, due to lack of tools at hand, we'll forgive him this one as he has been instrumental in keeping the show on the road.

Our trailer died an instant death with the explosion of the shackles and springs. We donated the remnants to a local community. We did give it a super hard time though.

We are making good time, and the support crew have been very surprised at our progress and we have been informed that the stock route is tougher than in past years due to ruts and moguls on sand dunes.

All the riders are feeling the physical effects of big days, but our support crew are doing so much for us by handing us lunch and dinner, Bloody amazing!

We have met the most generous people on the route who have been donating along the way as they have heard of our adventure. We all feel like rock stars as they line up to take photos and have a yak. I hope they put their pictures onto Facebook. We had bolognaise meatballs on noodle pasta and fresh parmesan cheese and gnocchi with cabonara as well. Not bad for bush tucker.

The boys have been new age and sensitive around the camp fire each night, and very complimentary to one another each night, We would like to re-tell the stories, however it might not be appropriate for publication.

Our death defying cameraman has been hanging on the roof racks and putting himself into plenty of danger. We have tried to run him over plenty, but he is resilient.

We have had a few crook team members, love bites to the back of necks (don’t ask) plenty of aches and sprains., apple splatters, some shocking body odour and bad feet issues, (thanks to one member who cleared the camp sight)

Basically we are half way on our expedition to Darwin.

Sorry about lack of video blog, Jordo went to bed.

So we are celebrating with our ever dwindling supply of Broo. Must keep the liquids up.

Hoo Roo.

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