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Day 11
Cave Man
August 25 2011

A day of tragedy. We have run out of Broo. Luckily Digit will be arriving in a few days with extra supplies.

We have now covered half our required distance, still a bloody long way to go. The bikes are held together with a massive amount of duct tape. "Because if it moves and it shouldn't, duct tape it” the rims are looking more pear shaped by the day.

We've ridden or pushed the bikes over about 850 sand dunes, a lot more to go. We have also hit 5,856,752 corrugations, give or take a few. Mostly due to missing a few due to off track excursions.

It's been a great day of riding, not sure if we are getting better or the stock route is getting easier probably the later.

All the boys have swollen hands, aching bodies and bruised egos. Chappy had the best go down today while attempting a trick obviously well beyond his capabilities. Red, Boony and myself circled him with horns going like Indians surrounding a wagon, Oh how we laughed. The bushes have been giving us a beating, with the overgrowth whipping us in the face every few minutes. Red tried to take his revenge, by forking a tree

He struggled to free his ride from the fork of that tree.

We had Chicken Kiev for dinner tonight, with the Master Chef on the ball, as always.

Pato has been showing some of his great dance moves after dinner. Fred Astair he is not. He has also blown a few tyres.

During the lunch break this arvo we were all wearing dresses, alah Priscilla Queen of the desert. Gotta say, there was a lot of ugliness going on, more like mutton dressed as pig, but after some time in the bush.......Well what can i say.

The Master Chef managed to bellied the Colorado nicely today, it Twas funny.

It’s been pretty hard going now for 11 days, I reckon we are all looking forward to a massage and rest, but no time to think about that now.

Kilometres to make, Money to raise.

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