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Cave Man
August 28 2011

We have succeeded in traversing the Canning Stock Route. Yeah Ha!

We arrived in Halls Creek under the cover of darkness, dodging roos and pot holes. We have managed to recharge the batteries and are awaiting for Digit to arrive from Darwin, so we can reload and continue our expedition.

Muzz, Trev, Chambo and Peder had to head back home due to work commitments. We will miss them greatly, as without their dedication and assistance we would not have made it this far. Thanks blokes, it is trully appreciated.

The total of damage to the bikes is - three flat tyres, a jammed gear selector and a lot of dinged rims.

The total damage to support vehicles is - one broken spring hanger, one battery loosening out of its bracket, two busted wheel studs, three flat tyres, reserve fuel tank transfer broken, split radiator, one alloy bullbar damage, busted CB aerial, and one totally destroyed trailer.

It just goes to show how tough the Canning Stock Route is.

We still have over 1200 k's to go.

We have now gone from damaging camel trains, to avoiding 52 metre road trains.

Yak soon

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