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September 05 2011

We finally made it to Darwin, under Police escort, and were greeted by Lord Mayor of Darwin, Graeme Sawyer.

So many people said we couldn't do it, many believed we may have needed to have the riders on relay, just to get one bike over the line......

The support team was awesome in getting four bikes and four riders over the line, and we could not have achieved this without the support of our on track team, and the many supporters and assistants behind the scenes.

Thank you all.

It was both exhilarating and a relief after all of the effort to have made it.

Being under Police escort for the last few K's was great, with people tooting as the convoy passed, and others staring in amazement at what was going on.

It was the best few K's of the trip.

Nowhere in any major capital city could a few blokes on postie bikes get met with such a reception.

A big thanks to Darwin City Council, NT Traffic Operations, and Police Media., not to mention the media coverage we received. And the Wisdom Bar for looking after our needs on many levels

There was a few celebratory drinks to be had, and then we had the auction night on Saturday night at the Wisdom Bar.

We sold all the bikes, including the spare that had covered over 6500k's all up, and was not put into use.-Thankfully.

Not sure of the total figure, but we raised over $6000 on the night.

We'll give you an update on the total once we know.


We still have a couple of video blogs to post, they'll be up in the next few days

Check in for the release dates of when we broadcast the doco, and we may even have a premier night.

The total raised for supporting kids with cancer is the area of $30,000.

Thanks everyone.

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