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Day 1
Cave man
August 16 2011

it was raining so hard on the morning we left

There was talk that they were going to shut the stock route all together.

we took off regardless in the pouring rain and hit the start of the stock route. Not something you would expect in the desert.

The rain had eased a little bit so that way we could film the official start point

We were soaked to the skin and just had to keep moving on because we have tight time frames.

The going was slow and hazardous due to the slippery conditions

Red for his first time on a motorbike managed to hang on all day

Lunch consisted of a couple of bits of shortbread and fruitcake

Late in the arvo Dave blew a brake line which meant the end of the day and the chance to enjoy a couple of beers while setting up camp and trying to dry out our clothes

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Meet the Team
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“Red” works in IT support for the utility industry.....
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Born Larrikin, Producer and Tiler
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Lives and breathes Collingwood.
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Adventurer that loves his swag
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Engineering Manager Herd Group of Companies.
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Former National Speed Skating Champion
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Average Aussie Bloke
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He has done a lot of volunteer work over the years...
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Company Director of Tullamarine Sheet Metal
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Electrical Industry Supervisor