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Nadiyas Challenge - Half way along the Canning Stock Route

Nadiya’s Challenge – Loaded and ready to go!

Nadiya’s Challenge – Loaded and ready to go!

Riders to Tackle Torturous Stock Route by Postie Bike - Read More


Nadiya’s Challenge – A postie bike ride from Wiluna (WA) to Darwin (3,000kms) via the Canning Stock Route, one of the longest, most isolate and arguably and most difficult stock routes in the world, to raise money and create awareness for the plight of kids with cancer.

Nadiya Sussmilch is the soul and inspiration for this challenge. Sadly Nadiya passed away at just 11 years of age after a 7 year battle with cancer. Upon hearing this, a group of Aussie blokes realised there is still a battle to be fought. That battle is of kids, literally, fighting for their lives, after being diagnosed with cancer.

These blokes and adventurers were so moved that they decided that they too would like to assist in that battle for our children. Nadiya left a legacy of inspiration to keep fighting, no matter what the odds.

They formed a charity and received a commitment from an Australian television company to broadcast a documentary of Nadiya’s Challenge.

The Challenge

A team of 10 blokes will ride postie bikes from Wiluna (WA) to Darwin (3,000km) via the Canning Stock Route (1,781km). There will be 4 postie bikes, support vehicles, a spirit of adventure and a "can do” attitude.

This adventure is taking place in
August 2011.

The Documentary

The documentary aims to capture what will be a gruelling and life changing journey for the participants. This is a story of inspiration, adventure and mateship set against the dramatic beauty and remoteness of the Australian landscape.

Social consciousness will be at the forefront of the viewers’ mind thanks to in depth interviews with Nadiya’s parents, Paul and Pania Sussmilch, and an interview from one of Australia’s leading cancer researchers, Dr Elizabeth Williams, PhD.

This epic of blood, sweat and sand is as much a psychological journey as that of a physical one.


While the team will be funding the trip themselves, it was considered that this was a great opportunity to raise much needed money and to create awareness for children with cancer.